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Researchers find that lipid accumulation in the brain may be an early sign of Parkinson's disease
Link to press release on EurekAlert!

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How anti-sense treatment for Huntington's disease started at the Neuroregeneration Laboratories | Nature
Link to article

Cell therapy from iPSC works in Parkinson's preclinical models confirmed | Alzforum
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Health and Medicine: A new era in Parkinson's disease treatments
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Engelender and Isacson suggest new theory for how Parkinson's disease develops - ScienceDaily
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PDF File

Fighting Parkinson's in the lab
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NPR interviews Dr. Isacson about Mohammed Ali's fight with Parkinson's disease
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National Stem Cell Foundation and Michael J. Fox Foundation Partner to Support Parkinson's Cell Replacement Therapy
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MJFF Parkinson podcast with Dave Iverson and Ole Isacson 2016: The stem cells basics
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Ole Isacson Lecture on Parkinson's disease in a Dish: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Models of Disease SFN Neurobiology of Disease Workshop graduate course
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WMIF 2015 | Regeneration, Cell Therapy, and Neurocare: Products? Delivery?
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Nature Biotechnology reviews the use of iPSCs for drug discovery and modeling of familial Parkinson's disease in cell culture
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Ole Isacson - Keynote speech at Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Stakeholder forum 2014
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Long-term survival of dopamine neurons in patients: Encouraging news for future stem-cell based dopamine neuron transplants
BBC Sponsored Audio Link for Interview with Dr. Isacson
AlzForum Article
International News Articles

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (MCN), Ole Isacson, Editor in Chief
View Table of Contents for the latest issue of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

MCN Special Issue: Mitochondrial function and dysfunction in neurodegeneration, edited by Hibiki Kawamata, Giovanni Manfredi and Marilena D'Aurelio
View Table of Contents

Dr. Isacson Elected Fellow of The American Association for the Advancement of Science
View AAAS Announcement

Dr. Isacson Presents Stem Cell Research at Vatican Conference in Rome
McLean Press Release
Conference Program

Dr. Isacson Selected for Executive Scientific Advisory Board of the Michael J. Fox Foundation
ESAB Membership

Getting Closer to a Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
Neuroregeneration Lab’s Parkinson's Disease Research highlighted in HSCI’s Stem Cell Matrix

Neuroregeneration Lab's Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Research Featured in New Video
Click here to view

Mitochondrial Energetics Energize Parkinson's Disease iPSC-derived
Neural Study
Harvard Stem Cell Institute Interviews Dr. Isacson

Personalized Medicine Closer to Reality
Harvard Gazette article

PDiPS Consortium and Neuroregeneration Institute show cells from different patients have unique drug responses
Press Release July 4, 2012

FRONTLINE: A Report on Parkinson's Disease
Update on PBS: June, 2012

Neuroregeneration Institute Intensifies Quest for New Parkinson's Treatments

NIH Grant awarded for PDiPS Consortium
PDiPS Consortium Abstract PDF

Neuroregeneration Institute lands 6 new Michael J. Fox Foundation competitive research awards
Click here for the MJFF website announcement and specific studies underway

Drs. Ole Isacson and Penny Hallett receive new funding from CHDI for Huntington's disease research
CHDI Foundation website

Dr. Ole Isacson receives new federal grant for innovative ALS work
ALS Abstract PDF

Highlighted article in Journal of Neuroscience from Neuroregeneration Laboratories
Inflammation induced by viral-like double-stranded RNA increases nigral neurons' susceptibility to toxins
Article PDF

Dr. Penny Hallett speaks about new PD research
2010 Southeastern Parkinson Disease Conference, October 16, 2010
Conference Presentation

Dr. Isacson speaks at the 2010 Parkinson Action Network Morris K. Udall Awards Dinner
Parkinson Action Network Official Site: Udall Dinner Highlights
Picture from Udall Dinner: Dr. Isacson

51st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Neurology
Dr. Isacson's Keynote Lecture

Harvard Stem Cell Institute Monthly Update
December 2009
Highlights: New Stem Cell Findings At the Center for Neuroregeneration Research

HSCI Highlights Stem Cell Sorting Work at the Neuroregeneration Lab
Research Newsletter; October 2009
Article Link

NINDS GO Grant funding awarded for PDiPS Cell Line Research Consortium
Article Link

Interview with Dr. Isacson
Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center

Cozzarelli Prize Awarded
The Cozzarelli Prize recognizing recently published PNAS papers of outstanding scientific excellence and originality has been awarded to Wernig et al. 2008. This article is a shared collaborative work between the Harvard/McLean (Dr. Isacson's lab) and MIT (Dr. Jaenisch's lab). This is the first paper to show induction of stem cells from skin cells, then conversion to dopaminergic cells and successful functional testing in animal models of Parkinsonís disease.
Press Release from Eurekalert
Wernig et al. 2008 PDF File

FRONTLINE: A Report on Parkinson's Disease
Coming soon to PBS; Early 2009
Video Highlights

Summit on Stem Cell Research and New Clinical Trials
Brain Repair Centre/Center for Neuroregeneration Research 2008:
Press Release and Photo

Reprogrammed adult skin cells treat Parkinson's disease in animal model
HarvardScience Online; April 10, 2008
Article Link

Stem Cells from Skin Treat Brain Disease in Rats
Reuters Online; April 7, 2008
Article Link

Parkinson's Brain Cell Transplants Last for Years
Reuters Online; April 6, 2008
Article Link

Partnership is a Real No-Brainer; Dal-Harvard to work together on brain repair
The Chronicle Herald; February 21, 2008
Halifax Chronicle Herald, Feb. 21, 2008
Metro Newspaper, Feb. 21, 2008
Press Release

Neuron Connections May Be Key to Stemming Parkinson's Disease
McLean Hospital News; August 20, 2007
Press Release
PDF File of Article

Discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the Dopamine neuron: The role of G-substrate
The Journal of Neuroscience;†August 1, 2007
Article Link

Development of new therapies for Parkinsonís disease (Interview with Ole Isacson)
JoVE, Issue 3, May 2007
Link to Video Article

Spurring Protein Breakdown in Brain Cells Halts Huntingtonís Pathology
The Harvard Focus Online; Published on March 9, 2007
Article Link

Proteasome Activator Enhances Survival of Huntington's Disease Neuronal Model Cells
Alzheimer Research Forum; March 8, 2007
Article Link

Stem Cell Work Shows Promise and Risks
The Washington Post; Published on October 23, 2006
Article Link
PDF File of Article

Stem cell research targets Parkinson's
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Published on October 17, 2006
Press Conference at the 36th Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting, Atlanta, GA
PDF File of Article
HCNR News Website

4th Cellular and Molecular Treatments Conference
Sept. 29-30, 2006
McLean Hospital Press Conference Link

Neuronal Stem Cells: A Long Road Ahead For Als, PD, And Glioblastoma Treatment
Neurology Today: Volume 6(14) 18 July 2006 p 15-16
PDF File of Article

The Promise and Pitfalls of Embryonic Stem Cells
September 22, 2005
Article Link

Fetal-cell Transplants Reverse Parkinson’s in Patients
June 10, 2005, Harvard Focus
Article Link

Clinical study results in Parkinson's patients may lead to development of future stem cell transplantation methods
May 5, 2005 Michael J. Fox Foundation Press

Huntington's Defects Manifest Far from Damaged Brain Tissue
September 3, 2004, Harvard Focus

Huntington's disease multiple cell abnormalities and adaptive mechanisms
Reuters Health Information
PDF file of article

HD gene product alters protein handling in patient's skin and brain, with complex toxic effects only in the most vulnerable brain cells
July 23, 2004, Press Release, EurekAlert!

New study on Huntington's disease reveals pathology and new treatment options
July 30, 2004, McLean Hospital Press Release

The Scientist recognizes Harvard/McLean Parkinson's Disease Udall Center's contribution on ES cells.
Embryonic Stem Cells Work
June 21, 2004, The Scientist
PDF file of article

US Stem Cell Research Lagging
Sunday, May 23, 2004, The Boston Globe
Article from the Boston Globe
PDF file of article

Stem Cell work for Parkinson's Disease at the Neuroregeneration Lab
Sunday, February 29, 2004, The Boston Globe
PDF file of Article from the Boston Globe

Harvard Wide Initiative for Stem Cell Research
Sunday, February 29, 2004, The Boston Globe
PDF file of Article from the Boston Globe

Professor Ole Isacson interviewed: Harvard's latest work on embryonic stem cells for Parkinson's disease
Friday, March 12, 2004, Grassroots Connection
Article from Grassroots Connection

Gene therapy used to treat patient with Parkinson's
Tuesday, August 19, 2003, The New York Times
Abstract from NY Times Archive
Article from NY Times

The production and use of cells as therapeutic agents in neurodegenerative diseases
Isacson O. Lancet Neurology 2003 Jul;2(7):417-24.
Abstract from PubMed
Download PDF file

Enzyme Linked to Pathology of Parkinson's Disease Appears Two-faced

Stem Cell Hopes Double

Parkinson's Disease Conference

Ms. Joan Samuelson (President of Parkinson Action Network), Prof. Ole Isacson, and Col. Dr. Karl Friedl (U.S. Army Medical Research) discuss new findings and discoveries provided by federal initiatives from the Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health.

U.S. Senate Appropriation Committee testimony on Parkinson's disease
Ole Isacson, Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox.
May 22, 2002 (photos courtesy, Perry Cohen)

Muhammad Ali and Dr. Ole Isacson meet
before facing the Senate Appropriations Committee
supporting PD and stem cell research initiatives

Dr. Isacson with Joan Samuelson (founder and president of the Parkinson's Action Network) and Muhammad Ali's wife, Lonnie Ali

Audrey Penn (NINDS Director), Dr. Isacson,
Joan Samuelson and Lonnie Ali

Dr. Ole Isacson, Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox

Parkinson's patients show positive response to implants
Nature 416, 666 (2002)

Download PDF file

Stem Cell Treatment Eases Parkinson's Symptoms
January 7, 2002
Article from USA Today

Stem Cells Ease Parkinson's in Rats
January 7, 2002, CBS NEWS
Article from CBS News

Giant Step Toward Parkinson's Cure
January 7, 2002, WebMDHealth

Parkinson's stem cell advance

Stem cell transplantation hope for Parkinson's disease treatment?
Lancet News PDF file

Stem Cell Update
NPR - Talk of the Nation

Rat brains respond to embryonic stem cells
Sciencemag PDF file

Stem Cells' Promise for Parkinson's

Zellen gegen das Zittern

Brain disease slowed: Fetal cells help Huntington's patients

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