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  Director: Ole Isacson, M.D.

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Former Neuroregeneration Laboratories (NRL) and Center for Neuroregeneration Research (CNR) Students: Where are they now?

Students & Technicians/Assistants

Megan Dixon
NRL/CNR: 2017-2018
Currently: Group Leader and Therapeutic Mentor, Lahey Health Behavioral Services

Eliza Ferrari
NRL/CNR: 2016-2018
Currently: MD Student at UT Southerwester Medical School

Elise Atkinson
NRL/CNR: 2017
Currently: Bachelor's of Science at Colby College

Clara Kil
NRL/CNR: 2015-2016
Currently: Master's of Health Service Administration Program at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Marion Badi-Dubois
NRL/CNR: 2015-2016
Currently: Ph.D. program at Swiss Federal Institue of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

Marjolein Versteeg
NRL/CNR: 2016
Currently: Master's student, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Sherida de Leeuw
NRL/CNR: 2016
Currently: Master's student, Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Simon Levy
NRL/CNR: 2014-2016
Currently: Ph.D. program at University of Texas, San Antonio

Margo Terpstra
NRL/CNR: 2015
Master's student, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Helena Xicoy
NRL/CNR: 2015
Master's student, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

Jon Beagan
NRL/CNR: 2012-2014
Ph.D. Program, Biomedical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Melissa Hayes
NRL/CNR: 2012-2013
Veterinary Graduate Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sarah Izen
NRL/CNR: 2010-2012
Ph.D. Program, Developmental and Brain Sciences, University of Massachussetts Boston

Eduardo Perez-Torres
NRL/CNR: 2009-2013
M.D.-Ph.D. Program, Columbia University

Helle Bogetofte Thomasen
NRL/CNR: 2011-2012
Ph.D. Program, Dept. of Neurobiology Research, University of Southern Denmark

Aarthi Subramanian
NRL/CNR: 2012
Ph.D. Program, Neuroscience, Northwestern University

Jesse Meadow
NRL/CNR: 2009-2012
Graduate Student, Columbia University Program in Occupational Therapy

Briana Prager
MD Program, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Kristen Lee
NRL/CNR: 2008-2010
Currently: Graduate Student, Tufts University Dental School

Elizabeth Marlow
NRL/CNR: 2008-2010
Currently: MD student, New York University, School of Medicine

Alyssa Yow
NRL/CNR: 2008-2010
Currently: MS/RN Program, Mass General Hospital Institute for Health Professions

Adam Levy
NRL/CNR: 2009-2010
Currently: Graduate School, Boston University Medical School

Michael Wong
NRL/CNR: 2006-2009
Currently: Graduate School, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Emily Stackpole
NRL/CNR: 2007-2008
Currently: Ph.D. Program, Brown University

Wes Ludwig
NRL/CNR: 2006-2008
MD 2013, George Washington University School of Medicine
Currently: Resident, Urology, Johns Hopkins

Shreeya Karki
NRL/CNR: 2005-2008
Currently: Pharmacy School

Hasan Siddiqi
NRL/CNR: 2006-2008
Currently: MD Student, University of Michigan

Casper Reske-Nielsen
NRL/CNR: 2005-2008
MD 2012, Boston University School of Medicine

Currently: Resident, Emergency Medicine, Boston Medical Center

Therese Andersson
NRL/CNR: 2001-2007
Currently: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Martin Karlsson
NRL/CNR: 2006-2007
Currently: PhD Student, Lund University

Michaela Patterson
NRL/CNR: 2005-2007
Currently: PhD student, UCLA

Yalda Sadeghi
NRL/CNR: 2004-2006
Currently: MD student, University of Lausanne

Gabriella Brunlid
NRL/CNR: 2004-2006
Currently: PhD student, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Joris van Arensbergen
NRL/CNR: 2004-2005
Currently: PhD student, IDIBAPS, University Autonoma de Barcelona

Florian Kowalke
NRL/CNR: 2003-2004
MSc 2004 University of Hannover

Currently: PhD student, U. T. Zürich, Switzerland

Rachel Bortnick

NRL/CNR: 2003
Currently: MD, PhD student, Harvard Medical School

Jed Barash
NRL/CNR: 2003
Currently: MD student, Yale University

Dr. Vikram Khurana
NRL/CNR: 2003
MD University of Sydney, Australia; PhD 2006 Harvard Medical School
Currently: Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Katherine Nicholson
NRL/CNR: 2003
BSc University of Pennsylvania
Research Assistant, Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Robert Corns
NRL/CNR: 2002
Currently:Neurosurgeon, Leeds, UK

Oliver Cooper
NRL/CNR: 2001-2004
BSc 1996 University of Portsmouth, England, MSc 2001 Imperial College School of Medicine, England
PhD 2007 University of East Anglia
Currently: Instructor, Harvard Medical School/CNR

Jocelyn Gilmartin
NRL/CNR: 2001-2004
BA 2001 Wheaton College
Currently: Medical Program Coordinator, Clinical Pharmacology
Merck Research Laboratories, Rahway, NJ

Anne Dwyer
NRL/CNR: 2001-2003
BA 2001 Williams College
Currently: MD student, Drexel University, PA

John Morgan
NRL/CNR: 2001-2003
BS 2003 Harvard University
Currently: PhD program UCSD

Jae-Joon Park
NRL/CNR: 2001-2003
Currently: MS, MD student, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea

Reo Kim
NRL/CNR: 2000-2001
BS 2004 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Robert Fokes Zahra
NRL/CNR: 2001
BS 2004 Harvard University

Peter Sokol-Hessner
NRL/CNR: 2001
BS 2004 Dartmouth University
Current Position: Graduate Student, New York University

Roger Belizaire
NRL/CNR: 2000-2001
AB 2001 Princeton University, MS 2003 University of Texas-Houston

MD/PhD 2012 Washington University in St. Louis
Resident in Clinical Pathology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston

Dr. Daniel Herlihy
NRL: 2000
MD 2003 University College Cork Medical School

Andrew Ferree
NRL/CNR: 1999-2004
BA 1999 Wheaton College
Currently: Graduate School, Boston University

Anna Moore
NRL: 1999-2000
BSc 2001 Cardiff University
Currently: MD student, University of Bristol, U.K.

Mark Gorman
NRL: 1998-2000
BA in Psychology, Gettysburg College
Currently: PhD Program Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Anna Mattsson
NRL: 1997-1999
MSc 1998 Kalmar University, PhD 2006 Karolinska Institute
Currently: Postdoc, Karolinska Institute

Dr. Biljana Georgievska
NRL: 1997-1999
MSc 1998 Kalmar University, PhD 2004 Lund University
Current Position: Research Associate, Astra Zeneca

Dr. Zita Boonman
NRL: 1997-1998
MD 1999 Utrecht University, Resident, Utrecht University
Current Position: Dept of Ophthalmology, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

Nick Byrne
NRL: 1997-1998
Currently: MD Program Rochester University, NY

Dr. Karin Holm
NRL: 1997-1998
MD 1999 Lund University
Current Position: Lund University/MD Fellowship Malmo University Hospital

Lina Fine
NRL: 1996-1997
BS 1997 Harvard University, PhD Studies

Brandi Whatley
NRL: 1996-1997
BS 1997 Boston University
Currently: Neuroscience PhD student at Emory University

Dr. Wendy Galpern
NRL: 1993-1996
BS 1989 Tufts University, PhD 1996, MD 1998 University of Massachusetts
Current Position: Program Director, Division of Extramural Research, NIH/NINDS

Arif Husain
NRL: 1995-1996
BS 1996 MIT, Medical School

Dr. Paul Borghesani
NRL: 1995-1996
BS 1994 MIT, MD-PhD 1999, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Marcus L. Ware
NRL: 1995
BS 1993 Tougaloo College, MD-PhD at Harvard/MIT HST Program
Current Position: Resident, University of California, San Francisco, Dept of Neurological Surgery

Amy Spiegel
NRL: 1995
BS 1995 West Chester University, Medical School

Dr. D. Andrina Ngo
NRL: 1995-1996
BS 1996 Harvard University, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Lisa Genova
NRL: 1994
Program in Neuroscience, PhD 1998 Harvard Medical School
Current Position: Consultant, Health Advances, Wellsley

David St. Peter
NRL: 1993-1995
BS 1995 Harvard University
Current Position: Director, Biotech. development, New York, NY

Tony Garcia
NRL: 1993-1995
BS 1995 Harvard University,
Current Position: Senior Research Specialist, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

Marc Dinkin

NRL: 1993-1994
BS 1994 Harvard University, Medical School

Dr. Tara Uhler
NRL: 1992-1993
MA 1992 Harvard University, MD, Harvard Medical School
Current Position: Washington University, St. Louis

Joseph Simpson
NRL: 1991-1992
PhD 1967 University of Chicago, MD 1973 Harvard University
Current Position: Associate Professor, Washington University School of Medicine

Dr. Wendy Yee
NRL: 1991-1992
BS 1992 MIT, 1996, PhD at Johns Hopkins University
Current Position: Project Director, Human Factors International

Stephen Bossi
NRL: 1990-1993
MBA 1994 Northeastern University, Boston
Currently: Business Development Manager, Corning, Life Sciences Division

Lisi Fishman
NRL: 1989-1991
BS 1991 Harvard University, Psychologist, Cambridge, MA

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