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Values for the Neuroregeneration Research Institute

The Neuroregeneration Institute aims to provide the best of basic academic research towards relevant and achievable therapies for neurodegenerative disease by

Providing an environment where academic neuroscience research can be performed with the goal of advancing therapies for Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and related disorders. We aim to do the finest and most detailed scientific basic research with the perspective of translating these findings into relevant therapeutic gains for patients in need. This environment therefore provides cutting edge research for clinicians and scientists, training opportunities for students and fellows and an advanced technical capacity to investigate new leads for discoveries.
Serving as an academic research center by educating students and research staff in neurobiology and towards professional values of medical sciences and to whenever possible facilitate public awareness of this research and the new information it provides.
Interacting with other research teams and centers, universities, patient groups and governmental agencies as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, to maximize the therapeutic benefits of this research.


Goals for the Neuroregeneration Research Institute

Moving neuroregeneration research forward: The Neuroregeneration Institute will take novel findings in modeling of synaptic and neuroplasticity responses to approach new treatments. This effort includes new models by basic science in neurodegeneration such as Parkinson's disease, as well as cognitive models for aging research and neuropsychiatrically linked diseases.
Translational medicine for aging and neuroregeneration: Resources and funding at McLean can be synergistically linked and enhanced by the Institute's integration of neurological research, geriatric research, aging, neuroplasticity, stem cell biology and gene therapy.
Technology breakthroughs and collaborative platforms: The Institute will interface with several McLean/Harvard/Harvard Medical School/NIH/international and industry networks (including funding) to move necessary science to translational implementation. The Institute will have regenerative medicine as a scientific and methodology focus. The Institute will provide many more opportunities for organizational interface with other parties mentioned above.
Scientific training and outreach: The Neuroregeneration Institute at McLean Hospital will enhance and link up with other training programs within psychiatry, neurology, neuroregeneration, stem cell biology, and regnerative medicine within the Boston region. In addition, internationally there are many cross-educational opportunities, as well as fellowships within the disciplines that are represented at McLean Hospital and Partners HealthCare for research training relevant both to clinical and neuroscience research.


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