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Patient Resources
For more information contact Susan Ponsetto at Partners Neurology
Tel: (617) 724-4504, E-mail:

ALS Research Center at Johns Hopkins

Alzheimer Research Forum

American Parkinson's Disease Association Inc.

American Society for Neural Transplantation and Repair

American Society of Transplantation

Cell Transplant Society

eCommons - Harvard Medical School

Grassroots Connection

Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center

Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center

Harvard Integrated Life Sciences

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School - Neuroscience Seminar Schedule

Harvard Medical School: Ph.D. Programs in the Division of Medical Sciences

Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI)

Harvard University Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Biology

HCNR Virtual Brain Bank

Huntington's Disease Lighthouse


Massachusetts General Hospital

McLean Hospital

McLean Hospital Research Community

McLean Hospital Webmail

MGH/HMS Neurosurgical Service

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

The Michael Stern Parkinson's Research Foundation

Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory

Movement Disorder Socety

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

The National Parkinson's Foundation, Inc.

Neuroregeneration Laboratories Web page at MGH

Parkinson's Action Network

PAN Forum Webcast

The Parkinson Alliance

PD Gene

Program in Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School

Psychiatric and Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory


Stem Cell Journal

We Move

Journal Web Sites

Parkinson's disease Special Annals of Neurology Issue:

American Journal of Transplantation:

Annals of Neurology:


European Journal of Neuroscience

Exp. Neurol:

Journal of Neuroscience:

The Lancet Neurology

MCN Journal Link


Nature Biotechnology:

Nature Medicine:

Nature Neuroscience:



Oxford Journals Online

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Scientific American

Stem Cells

Trends in Neuroscience:


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