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  Director: Ole Isacson, M.D.


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Neuroregeneration Laboratories

Department of Neurology and Program in Neuroscience

Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital

Belmont, MA

(Dr. Ole Isacson)

Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory

Dept of Psychiatry/Program in Neuroscience

Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital

Mailman Research Center

McLean Hospital

Belmont, MA

(Dr. Kwang-Soo Kim)

  Transplanted cholinergic neurons create new connections in damaged
Department of Radiology

Harvard Medical School

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, MA

(Dr. Anna-Liisa Brownell)

  PET scanning of brain with fluoro-dopa and the pre-synaptic dopamine
transporter of the dopaminergic system, vulnerable in Parkinson's disease.
New England Regional Primate Research Center

Harvard Medical School

(Dr. Roger Spealman)

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